About Us

UB High School

Our Mission

University of Baguio High School prepares the students to be competent in acquiring higher education.

Our Objectives

The University of Baguio High School, through a wholesome and dynamic learning atmosphere, aims to produce a student who:
  • exhibits a distinctive level of academic proficiency in pursuit of higher learning;
  • applies significant skills in different areas of learning;
  • upholds moral and spiritual values;
  • conducts investigatory researches;
  • engages in sustainable outreach programs; and
  • manifests a strong sense of responsible citizenship

Our Faculty & Staff Development

To safeguard the quality of education given and services rendered, the University of Baguio Junior High School constantly engages its faculty and staff in different development programs.
The University of Baguio Junior High School has designed the “Faculty Development Plan for AY 2020 – 2025” as a guide in ensuring that its staff and faculty get the training, tools, and development they need to stay on top of their fields and stay in the know with current trends, ICT, and techniques.
The School’s teachers and staff also actively engage in different events centered on enhancing their expertise and knowledge and equally share their own via speaking engagements, peer coaching/mentoring, and research.