High School

Three to five years after graduation from Grade 12, the alumni are expected to:

  1. Demonstrate impressive communicative competence in both oral and written forms;
  2. Demonstrate commendable activities and performance as they actively engage in research, academic and non-academic events and activities;
  3. Be responsible and service-oriented school leaders in the tertiary education and in their respective communities;
  4. Be exemplars of well-disciplined and good-mannered students of tertiary education;
  5. Be actively involved in school and sustainable community programs and activities that are geared toward the promotion of cultural identity, wellness and life long fitness, and the preservation of life.

Program Outcomes

A UB High School graduate should be able to:

  1. demonstrate communicative competence
  2. think intelligently, critically, and creatively in life situations
  3. make informed and values-based decisions
  4. perform civic duties
  5. use resources sustainably
  6. participate actively in artistic and cultural activities and in the promotion of wellness and lifelong fitness